Website design

Make a smart and intuitive campus web with Eduluk Website design

Our Website design is a one-stop solution to nurture an interactive community of teachers, students, parents and other stakeholders via a web-enabled and simple-to-use platform.

website is your gateway!

Build a great looking website for your institution, one that is easy to use and update. It empowers teachers to manage schedules, assignments and share other information, and students to create discussion groups and forums.

Eduluk Website design gives you the power of a robust intranet. It allows you to create newsletters, maintain digital albums and galleries, online directories and even make timely announcements to all stakeholders. Enable parents to stay informed and connect easily with school authorities and teachers.

Our solution will make it quick for your webmasters to create and update your website pages with ease. Above all, the Website design is so easy to use, you won’t need an IT professional to keep your website content fresh!

Manage your social media as a natural extension to your website, where content can flow seamlessly for cost and effort savings. Keep an FAQ section to ensure the right information is available for those who wish to seek it and keep the burden off your staff to handle repeat queries.

With stringent data security and access control facilities, we ensure that sensitive information stays in the right hands. Your interactive website will be fit for use on all possible devices!

Store your videos, webinars, create events and online event registrations, share content and use a rich repository of templates to create webpages as you desire!

Make your work seamless with Eduluk Website design!